Traditional Ceremonies

A traditional ceremony may have the look and feel of a classic wedding but at The Wedding Coach we know you still want your ceremony to reflect your personal views and style. Our process allows us to do just that. We will work with you to make sure your ceremony is not only traditional but also feels original. We want your guests to get a glimpse into who you are as a couple and love you share.


Non-Traditional Ceremonies

Some couples desire a ceremony with a twist. They want the normal components but want to add some special highlights that makes the ceremony unique. The Wedding Coach is here to help. If couples want to break out in song, use kazoos for the Brides entrance or any other touches. We can help you accomplish your vision. My background as an actor allows me to be very versatile . So if you have a unique vision that displays who you two are as a couple count on me to bring it to reality.


For couples seeking a more intimate and private experience. The Wedding Coach can help you craft a ceremony that captures the love and emotion you desire. It doesn't matter if there are 200 guests or just the two of you present. Your ceremony will be full of  joy , love and excitement. You will treasure it forever.